Comedy – 1980 – Chevy Chase Hosts Young Comedians – Bill Kirchenbauer + Irv Burton + Denny Johnson


This 1980 HBO Comedy Special Young Commedians with Host Chevy Chase….and featuring Bill Kirkenbauer and Denny Johnson is “top shelf” comedy….I mean,…not only do we have Chase doing some of his best physical comedy routines…..but also the incredible comedic talents of Bill Kirkenbauer, Irv Burton and Denny Johnson.

William Alfred “Bill” Kirchenbauer is an American actor and stand-up comedian….who has appeared in television shows and films since the 1970’s….with his most notable performance as a regular on Make Me Laugh and Fernwood 2 Night.  As an actor, he is best known for his role as Coach Graham Lubbock on the series Growing Pains….while starring in the spin-off series Just the Ten of Us (ABC 1988-1990).  He has had recurring roles on Fernwood 2 Night and America 2-Night as singer Tony Rolletti…..on Mork & Mindy as the geeky, obnoxious self-professed “ladies’ man” womanizer Todd Norman “T.N.T.” Taylor…. and on Clueless as Coach Bullock.  He was a semi-regular panelist on the revival of Match Game in 1990 and also on Super Password.  Kirchenbauer has also appeared in movies such as The Story of Us…. as Gorp….Stoogemania….The Alternate…. and Unbeatable Harold.  He is also the founder of the Uncle Crazie’s Comedy Club in Bee Cave, Texas, an Austin, Texas suburb, founded by him in 2016….which give us at ImaSportsphile a kindred spirit with Kirchenbauer….cuz we were founded in Austin too.

When it comes to comedian/actor Irv Burton….it was difficult to find much information about Burton….but it is equally difficult to follow a Chevy Chase physical comedy routine like “the blind announcer”…..who introduces Irv Burton to the stage…..but this cat’s impressions of the difference between the two giant gorillas in King Kong 1 and 2 is great….along with his depictions of Aretha Franklin, Sydney Portier and Bill Cosby are wonderful. 

Denny johnson is the final young comedian of the show…..and his impression of Jack Nickolson hosting a Kiddie Show is fantastic….and makes me roll on the floor every time I hear it…..and America’s favorite family…Ossie and Harriet Mansen….and Ricky Nelson singing a Hamburger Helper commercial is to die for…..and his impression of Jimmy Stewart singing The Beatles Blackbird is down right hillarious

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