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Comedy – 1980 – HBO Blockheads Special With Mariette Hartley Showcasing Ventrilloquist Professor Al Kantee


Actress Mariette Hartley hosts this 1980 HBO Blockheads Special …..which featured some of the best ventriloquists in the world…..and Professor Al Kanzie….who is featured in this video clip seen herewith…. is one of Europe’s top mime ventriloquists…..as his performance is quite different than the typical ventriloquists….but provides a much more surprising dummy than usual.  For this lil ole chiweenie’s dime….I just loved the ending…..as it caught me by complete surprise…..and although I enjoyed this immensely….I still have a hard time understanding how this wonderful mime act is on a show featuring ventriloquists…..but obviously, HBO didn’t ask my opinion when they produced this show.  Any way you cut the pie….this is good stuff!!!

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