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Comedy – 1981 – How To Test Marijuana For Paraquat – With Dan Akroyd + Garrett Morris


Oh my gosh….this has got to be my all time favorite “tickler of my funny bone”…..cuz I laugh so hard that my belly hurts….but this is classic.  We a ImaSportsphile are so lucky to have a treasure chest full of “nuggets of gold” like this Aykroyd and Morris piece……ooooohhh!!!…..the cast of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players were brilliant comedians…..with their fingertips on the pulse of the world around them…..and they simply could make you laugh. 

Our Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile, grew up in the “sex, drugs and rock n roll ” generation…..and to anyone who lived through that to get to this point in 2018….simply cannot watch this video without grabbing their sides in laughter. 

For this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s perspective…..and hey, I’m just a dog…..but it seems to me that over the years 37 years since this video was recorded….the negative effects of marijuana on society as a whole seem to be far less devastating than the effects of alcohol…..but one thing is for sure……as 2019 rolls around…..the debate on a weed still continues on….which only means that there is big money in keeping it illegal…..right!?! 

Anyway, it is better to laugh than to get into thoughts of something that the two opposing sides are sure they are right…..so, click below and enjoy….especially if you are one of those that grew up in the “Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Generation” 

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