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Comedy – 1981 – SNL Skit – The Cutest Jesus – Lorraine Newman + Gilda Radner + Paula Prentice


The Not Ready For Prime Time Players of  Saturday Night Live fame back in the 1970’s and 1980’s had three of the great female comedic talents of the period in Gilda Radner, Lorraine Newman and Jane Curtain….and we at ImaSportsphile are fortunate to have literally hundreds of skits showcasing their immense talents….as this particular skit featuring Radner, Newman and guest host Paula Prentiss provides evidence to this opinion…..and typical of these ladies, they always pushed the envelop of what is worthy of comedy and what is worthy of “stretching the limits”…..and in this skit’s case…..the line of what might be considered sacrilegious….albeit is still funny….and funny is funny…..no matter how old the material might be.

This The Cutest Jesus skit features two young teenage girls…..who are watching a movie about the life of Jesus Christ…..and one of the girls comments on her opinion that the Jesus in this film is by far the cutest Jesus ever in any and all films about Him…..which proceeds to find the girls using their pillows from the bed as “play acting” with Jesus…..as the ending is really funny….but you have to watch it to get the laugh.  


  1. D You know what season it was from? My guess is 4 or 5. Do you think if I purchase a complete series that it woukd not be cut? I remember it from when it played and have been looking for it for years. I remember telling a teacher in school about it, and she said a lot of girls had crushes on Jesus when Jesus Christ Superstar came out. Not offensive to me. The double date with Sonny and Cher hahaha. I really hope to see it again.

    1. Cheryl, thanks for the comment…my name is L E….and my job is to post all 11,000 videos in our awesome vintage library….and this is post # 5004….and we have an incredible number of SNL from 1977 to 1987….but the fact is that Youtube blocks nearly all SNL videos….so, I don’t post the ones that roll up right now…but to my recollection….this was ’77 or ’78….maybe early ’80’s. The fact is that our entire library is copyright material…and we have 4900 posted and 200 blocked so far….anyway, we’ll come up with a solution to get our entire SNL library posted here on our sight….so, stay tuned….you just never know.

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