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Comedy – 1981 – Special – Andy Kaufman Live Wrestling Match With A Woman


This video is Reality TV before there was such a thing as Reality TV….plus it set the gold standard for all humorous and comedic Reality TV…..as comedian Andy Kaufman applied his comedic genius to a live wrestling match with a female competitor…..whom Kaufman chose out of a group of women in the live crowd at one of his performances….who were willing to take him up on his “Battle of the Sexes” challenge to wrestle any woman….with whom he would pay $500 to any gal who thought they could pin him in 3 minutes in the ring.   

As seen in this video, Kaufman had his hands full with the woman he chose out of the live Saturday Night Live crowd on this particular night….and although this match was obviously a very serious attempt by Kaufman’s competitor in this live match…..it was also down right “side splitting” funny and well worth the watch….so, ENJOY!!!

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