Comedy – 1981 – Special – Bobby Berosini + His Comedic Orangutans


How long has it been since you have seen a really good animal act on television…..since the days of Ed Sullivan!?!…..well, you’ve waited long enough….for Bobby Berosini + His Comedic Orangutans will surely fill the void for you…..as these guys are really funny…..as they perform with a sparkle in their eyes…..like all true entertainers do. 

Any way you cut the pie….Berosini is a really great trainer….who had a wonderful knack for getting his orangutans to appear very human in their presentation…..and he did it with a wonderful sense of humor…..as we at ImaSportsphile consider this video to be a true “Nugget of Gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories….as we bring back to life an era of days gone by when folks walked and talked with the animals.

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