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Comedy – 1982 – Special – Robin Williams Live – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco


This video ranks with the best of the best of ImaSportsphiles 2100 videos currently posted on our site….as our vintage video museum continues to grow with new videos coming every day….for this Robin Williams video ia an absolute “solitaire diamond” in our treasure chest of memories….cuz every time that Bone Daddy and I watch this video….we laugh til our sides hurt….for God really gave that man a gift to make people laugh….and albeit adult humor….the kids laugh too….and oh how our world today needs to laugh more….maybe that’s why Robin left us….the attendees just were that good of a crowd….cuz the world just isn’t that happy a place today. 

I have always said that there was “a little bit of larceny” in Bone Daddy….that pirate sort of attitude….and Robin had that in him too….so, this video is tops to me….it brings back memories of Bone Daddy that have been pushed away….soon to be forgotten in this fast paced world of ours today.  If you have someone who is ill, sick, in pain, diseased with discomfort or whatever that has so much pain attached to it that it captures the mind….then the next time you visit them….click on this webpage and pick a comedy program….cuz this library of ours is jammed-packed with great humor full of side-splitting laughs…..and the truth is that LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE….and Robin Williams is guaranteed to make you laugh.

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