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Comedy – 1982 – Special – Steve Martin + Fluffy The Wonder Dog – The Winds Of Whoopie


Any time I get to write about another fellow dog star like lil ole L E….it really brings joy to my heart ….so, Fluffy The Wonder Dog, one of the stars in this video herewith….who from what I see, I like Fluffy…..wouldn’t mind finding his “paw prints” under my bed at night….cuz one thing about lil ole chiweenie dogs like me…..we just gotta have a fine looking, regal sort of fellow to spend time with. 

So, Fluffy The Wonder Dog, is obviously comedian Steve Martin’s faithful partner and sidekick….who knows all things Martin….just like I know all things Bone Daddy….as he accompanies his “best bud” through many very funny moments in the skits in this comedy special. 

Steve Martin is considered a legendary comedian here at ImaSportsphile….and we are totally jazzed about having so much of his talents showcased in our video museum….cuz we’ve got a great deal of Steve Martin footage already posted.  This “Winds of Whoopie” comedy special is just hilarious….which shows the width and depth of his unique comedic genius. 

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