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Comedy – 1983 – Bob Hope + Jill St John Stand Up Routine + Eight On A Lam Movie Clips From 1967

Eight on the Lam is a 1967 Technicolor film directed by George Marshall….which stars Bob Hope, Jill St John and Phyllis Diller…..in which bank teller Henry Dimsdale (Hope) finds ten $1,000 bills….and he is a widower with seven kids….and could use the money….when housekeeper Golda (Diller) tells him it’s a case of finder’s keepers…..so, Henry waits two weeks to see if anyone claims the missing money…..then when no one does….he decides to splurge on a new car and a diamond ring for his fiancee Ellie Barton (Shirley Eaton)…..but when the bank discovers a $50,000 shortage….Henry becomes a prime suspect….. so, he and his family and Ellie take it on the lam to Arizona

A detective, Jasper Lynch (Jonathan Winters), the boyfriend of Golda….who is assigned to investigate….when Henry’s boss at the bank, Pomeroy (Austin Willis), is seen with a sexy younger woman, Monica (Jill St. John)….who has expensive tastes. After a chase, Henry is placed under arrest….as his kids hide a tape recorder in Pomeroy’s pocket….and get an admission of guilt. That frees their dad to marry Ellie while the helpful Golda and Jasper do the same.

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