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Comedy – 1983 – Special – Rodney Dangerfield At His Nightclub – Featuring Aretha Franklin


Our Bone Daddy….the original Sportsphile….saw comedian / entertainer Rodney Dangerfield live on three separate occasions…….and he always said that “he was always one joke behind”…..as he describes Dangerfield’s “machine gun like” delivery of one-liners…..with each one being equally funny to the last..

Rodney Dangerfield was comedic genius wrapped in a character actor costume and attitude to match.  My favor Dangerfield movie is Caddyshack….which was released in 1980…in which he played an obnoxious nouveau riche property developer….who was a guest at a golf club, where he clashed with the uptight Judge Elihu Smails (played by Ted Knight). His role was initially smaller, but because he and fellow cast members Chevy Chase and Bill Murray proved adept at improvisation….their roles were greatly expanded during filming (much to the chagrin of some of their castmates)….cuz Rodney’s natural persona was kinda like the character he played. His appearance in Caddyshack led to starring roles in Easy Money and Back To School….and unlike his stand-up persona of “I don’t get no respect.”….his comedy film characters were portrayed as successful and generally popular….if still loud, brash and detested by the wealthy elite….which is the portrayals that I personally like the most. 

In this video….which takes place at Dangerfield’s night club…..the viewer not only gets the always hilarious Dangerfield…..but also the equally legendary R & B icon….Aretha Franklin….showing her pipes in her nightclub show at Dangerfield’s…..classic stuff folks!!

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