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Comedy – 1983 – Special – Steve Martin In The Winds Of Whoopie


Steve Martin’s The Winds of Whoopie was a 1983 one-hour comedy TV special on NBC…which was written and produced by Martin….as the title was a take-off of The Winds of War….which had premiered as a TV miniseries on the same night on ABC….whereas in a 30-second promo spot for Martin’s special …. Orson Welles says: “Why spend 18 hours watching someone else’s war, when you know how it comes out? We win, and then have to buy all their cars. Watch Steve Martin’s The Winds of Whoopie. See it all in one hour on Sunday.”   

The show is a combination of old and new material compiled from past Martin specials and his appearances on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show….which includes a skit on “roughing it” in West L A….an awesome tap dance is dancing great Gregory Hines…..an interview with Emperor Rudolph and Fluffy The Wonder Dog…..an awesome skit depicting Socrates drinking hemlock….then comes the hilarious Drunk Driving on a Steamroller….then comes a skit with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi as Two Wild and Crazy Guys….which is followed by Steve Martin with Strother Martin in Turtle Bronc Rider. 

This video is classic Steve Martin comedic genius….and well worth many good laughs for anyone who needs to laugh a little more.

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