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Comedy – 1983 – Special – The Wonderful World Of Red Skelton


It is Mother’s Day in the good ole USA today….and what a fitting tribute for Bone Daddy’s Mother….known to all as Granny Jean….who just passed at the ripe old age of 94….as this is Bone Daddy’s 1st Mother’s Day in 71 years that she isn’t with us on Earth anymore….so, I am posting this The Wonderfful World of Red Skelton as a tribute to Granny Jean….who like Red Skelton, had the God given talent to make folks laugh….which made them feel better about their lives….without ever making fun of anybody….or using a cuss word to emphasis a punch line….and never at the expense of any other person….which is rare in life as we know it. 

I knew Granny Jean for many many years….and even think I nipped her on the back of her heal at one time….kinda like we chiweenie dogs have a tendency to do with everyone, just to let them know who is boss…..for Granny Jean was like this little pixie angel…..all of 5’1″ tall….while weighing in at 109 lbs….who was a woman of uncommon faith in her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ….as I imagine that she practiced her faith each and every day in the same manner that she practiced it every time I was around her…. adamant about the power of prayer….and her need to witness about Christ to everyone whose path she crossed….but not in a preaching sort of way…..rather more of a “arms wide open” loving way.  No matter how many times Granny Jean crossed your path….you seemed to always come away feeling a little bit better about yourself….and talk about faith…..just imagine what kind of faith it would require to be age 94…..and make a personal decision that it was time to go be with her Lord and Savior….and to pick back up with Pops, the love of her life and her “hand holding” companion at her side for 65 years in this life…. for Granny Jean knew that her life her on Earth had run its course….after she had done all the Earthly things she could do.

My question to every soul who reads this story is this….Is your faith in anything that you believe in strong enough that you could choose to not eat for 8 weeks….in order to achieve the next level of your belief…. cuz that is what Granny Jean did….for she knew exactly where she was going….along with she knew full well who would be there to greet her when she arrived….and in the process, she felt no pain or experienced any discomfort…..even as her life was passing slowly with each passing day…..ao, even if you are not a Believer like Granny….you must give credit where credit is due…..for her question of FAITH was never in question as she made her final journey on Earth. 

Granny Jean and Red Skelton had a lot in common…..for they were given the beautiful talent of making folks laugh and feel better…..no matter what burden they had to bear….as they both lived life in such a way as to leave a good impression and example behind….while always leaving each and every place they went, just a bit better than it was before they came to that place….and they did it all with grace, style, elegance, and humility….with a warm smile and a loving heart. RIP Red and Granny Jean….



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