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Comedy – 1984 – News – ABCs Frank Reynolds Reports On Day 154 Of President Carter Being Held Hostage


This video simply expresses this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion of US President Jimmy Carter just perfectly…..as it depicts the Little Old Peanut Picker remarkably “right on the mark”….. cuz Carter was “held hostage” throughout his entire presidency…..as his time in office proved to me that my belief that “the worst tics (blood sucking types) are POLI-TICS”….and Carter proved this to be true when he chose to boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympics…..because the Soviets invaded Afghanistan….I mean, what the heck does that have to do with sports. 

I honestly believe that politics and sports do not EVER belong in the same room together….much less the same conversations…..and then decisions.  There is not a single thread of anything dealing with playing a sport that has ANYTHING POLITICAL in its rules, playing, refereeing, how the sport is played, the competition that evolves, et al….so, much more….and the truth be known, you can pretty much put your finger on the point of all major issues in the universe of sports…..then point your finger at the reason why!?!,,,,,and you’ll probably find that the conflicts were caused by politics. 

Anyway I love this video….cuz President Jimmy Carter was a “goober of the grandest kind”.…of  whom Saturday Night Live “just nailed” in this video herewith…..for it is our opinion that Carter could very well have been held hostage….exactly as depicted in the video…..which makes it “pure gold” in our treasure chest of memories here at ImaSportsphile.  The truth be known, my heart goes out to those members of the 1980 US Olympic Team every time I post a video featuring one of the 450 men and women who had a “poli-tic”  that sucked all the life out of their lifelong dreams….cuz hasn’t the US in been in Afghanistan since 2001 and we are still there today?….and what does that have to do with sports.  Can you tell how much I like this video…..I simply could not have said it better.

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