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Comedy – 1984 – Special – Robin Williams – Mork + Garp + Popeye Introspective


There is such a fine line between genius and lunacy…..between comedic and tragic….between happy and depressed…..and Robin Williams placed an incredible amount of talent….which was consumed by creative genius coupled with a “rapid fire” spontaneous mind….with a huge splash of humor applied as easily as every character change…. and with all of that working for him on the “top side” of Robin Williams’ life’s table…..the scars and suffering on the “bottom side” of his life’s table….were just too prevalent to keep him with those of us who need to be “tickled” by the likes of Robin Williams.

A wish of this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile for all HUMANS out there….between happy and depressed…to remember to love the “love the bottom side of their life’s table as much as the top side”…..and understand that there just can’t be a top without a bottom….cuz what matters is where you choose to spend your time…..on the top or on the bottom.  

This video provides a wonderful perspective into Robin Williams/ mind…. which gives some insight into “the thin line” that Robin Williams walked through his life on this Earth….for he truly was a walking contradiction….as we the viewer get to see Robin through three of his most notable characters like Mork …Garp….and Popeye….for this supremely talented comedian, actor and entertainer ….was so much more than the “demons under the table” would suggest. 

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