Comedy – 1985 – NNTNs Rich Hall With An Episode Of Sniglets – Words That Are Not Words


Richard Travis Hall (born 10 June 1954) is an American comedian, writer, and musician….who first came to prominence as a sketch comedian in the 1980’s…..when he wrote and performed for a range of American networks, in series such as Fridays….Not Necessarily the News….as seen in this video herewith while popularizing the “sniglet” neologism….and on  Saturday Night Live.   

After winning a Perrier Comedy Award in 2000….while using the character of Tennessee country musician Otis Lee Crenshaw….Hall became popular in the United Kingdom, regularly appearing on QI and similar panel shows. He has created and starred in several series for the BBC….to include comedies with Mike Wilmot….and documentaries often concerning cinema of the United States.  Hall has also maintained a successful stand-up comedy career, as both Crenshaw and himself for quite some time now.

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