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Comedy – 1985 – Not Necessarily The News – Reagan + Kissinger + Gorbachev + The Pope Put To Music

After posting over 5,300 videos here at ImaSportsphile…..we consider ourselves “the creme de la cream” when it comes to rare pieces of video…..so, when we say that a video is a true treasure…..it is a rare treasure!!…..which is what you got in this video seen herewith….for this Not Necessarily The News piece is beyond classic…..cuz in 1 minute, it covers Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev and The Pope…..with some “really good chuckles” along the way…..and folks, that is well worth the price of admission…..RARE!!    

Not Necessarily the News (shortened as NNTN) is an American satirical sketch comedy series that first aired on HBO in September 1982 as a comedy special….and then ran as a series from 1983 to 1990….and for most of the run, the series featured Anne Bloom, Danny Breen, Rich Hall, Mitchell Laurance, Stuart Pankin and Lucy Webb. For the final season, the series switched to a live, up-to-the-minute format and also included reports from many other correspondents including Will Durst, Merrill Markoe, Richard Rosen and Harry Shearer.

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