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Comedy – 1985 – Not Necessarily The News Special – Stuart Pankin For West Coast Seltzer


Saturday Night Live during the 1980’s set the gold standard for “spoof” television advertisements…..such as Dan Aykroyd’s Bass Master….John Belushi’s Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions….Gilda Radners Spring Mist Feminine Spray and so many others….of which we have many in our library….whereby these “spoof” ads were very popular and well received by the viewing public…..and like many good ideas in life….these ads were popping up in many comedy programs….like in this video herewith…..where Stuart Pankin is selling West Coast Seltzer. 

This lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile, I find that those “spoof” ads that were generated by Saturday Night Live …..were much more creatively and funny…..but then again, the content was coming from the cast of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players…..which embodied a bunch of comedic geniuses…..but I have to say….Not Necessarily The News was great comedy.

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