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Comedy – 1985 – Not Necessarily The News Stuart Pankin Features Occasional Funeral Mad Libs


Instead of “ad libs”, this video is about “mad libs” that can be used on special occasions…as Father Stuart Pankin of Not Necessarily the News….while conducting a funeral ceremony….provides an interesting array of “mad libs” that are appropriate to use on certain occasional funerals like this one seen in the video herewith.  This is actually quite funny and a bit disrespectful…..which comedy see to be sometimes.  

In the decade of the 1980’sSaturday Night Live kinda set the “gold standard” for comedy that was pushing the limit on being a bit disrespectful….not in a mean way….but more in a “roasting” sort of way….with an approach that exposed more than what was supposed to be publicly exposed…..and NNTN replicated that type of humor really well….evidenced in this video. 

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