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Comedy – 1986 – Comedians On Sex – With Jackie Mason + Myron Cohen + Redd Foxx + Phyllis Diller Et Al


Stand up comedians have always had the subject of sex as part of their routine….and this excerpt from HBO’s On Location with host Robert Klein is evidence of this fact….so, we will tell you a little about each of the folks who appear on this video….as their content is down right hilarious.

Jackie Mason (born June 9, 1931) is an American stand-up comedian and film and television actor….who is ranked # 63 on Comedy Central’s 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all-time…..as Mason was known for his delivery and voice….as well as his use of innuendo and pun, Mason’s often culturally grounded humor has been described as irreverent and sometimes politically incorrect.  A critic for Time wrote that he spoke to audiences “with the Yiddish locutions of an immigrant who just completed a course in English. By mail.”

Myron Cohen (July 1, 1902 – March 10, 1986) was an American comedian and raconteur….who was a nightclub entertainer in the 1950’s and 1960’s….while having recorded several live record albums and also frequently appeared on TV variety programs such as The Ed Sullivan Show. During the 1950’s, when there were numerous nightclub showroom venues throughout the nation….he was one of the top headliners in the same league as Sophie Tucker, Ted Lewis, Jimmy Durante, and Joe E. Lewis, among others. Compared with many star performers, he was not aloof, and was very affable and approachable in public. Although he spoke perfect, cultured English….he was a master at capturing the ethnic accents of the Jewish citizens of New York City….as seen in this video herewith..

Phyllis Diller, was an American actress and stand-up comedian….who was best known for her eccentric stage persona….her self-deprecating humor….her wild hair and clothes….and her exaggerated, cackling laugh.  Diller was a groundbreaking stand-up comic….who as one of the first female comics to become a household name in the U.S….paved the way for other female comedians like Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr, and Ellen DeGeneres, among others, who credit her influence.  Diller had a large gay following and is considered a gay icon. She was also one of the first celebrities to openly champion plastic surgery, for which she was recognized by the industry.

John Elroy Sanford (December 9, 1922 – October 11, 1991), was better known by his screen name Redd Foxx,…who was an American stand-up comedian and actor….that is best remembered for his explicit comedy records and his starring role on the 1970’s television sitcom Sanford and Son Foxx gained notoriety with his raunchy nightclub acts during the 1950’s and 1960’s….who was known as the “King of the Party Records”…. he performed on more than 50 records in his lifetime. He also starred in Sanford and SonThe Redd Foxx Show and The Royal Family.

This video showcases many of the great comedians who were of members of The Greatest Generation…… which are all almost gone now as we enter 2019…..as those still living are well into their 90’s….with a few reaching the 100 year old mark….for the talents of these members of The Greatest Generation were so incredible…..but have almost been completely forgotten…..except by those of The Baby Boomer Generation…..who still remember how great they really were…..so, we at ImaSportsphile are absolutely grateful for each an every video like this one in our treasure chest of memories.

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