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Comedy – 1986 – HBO On Location Special – Comedians And Their Props – Pryor + Williams + Crystal


Some of the really “top shelf” comedy videos that I post here at ImaSportsphile came from HBO’s On Location Comedy Shows from back in the decade of the 1980’s…..for the 80’s were golden years when it comes to comedy…..including Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, George Carlin, Red Skelton, Jonathan Winters, Steve Martin, Monty Python, Martin Mull, Lily Tomlin, Redd Fox, Rich Little, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray….and on and on…as the the Baby Boomer Generation   was chocked full of comedic genius…..and we at ImaSportsphile are fortunate to have so much content of this Golden Age of Comedy in our Comedy section.

I said all of that to say this…..these On Location pieces are absolutely priceless…..for this video provides an incredible insight as to how “props” are important elements in all the truly great comedians repertoire….which is something that I never thought about before I saw this video…..but since, I have thought about it greatly….and it have become a learned experience of how elements like “props” become a foundation of each and every comedian worth his weight in salt…..and anyway….it is funny…..and funny is funny….no matter how old it gets.  This video brings back wonderful memories of many of the legends of comedy.   

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