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Comedy – 1986 – Steve Martin As Emperor Rudolf And Flippy + Judge Of Tennis Court Et Al


This video provides some of comedian Steve Martin wonderful “off the wall” humor in which he finds another way to prove that he indeed is a “wild and crazy” guy…..with his color adjustment in his stand up routine…..along with his piece on “Emperor Rudolph and his royal dog Flippy”….then he scores a football touchdown on a long pass on a tennis court…..while his skit as “residing judge in tennis court” is a hoot…..and his attempt to impress the cheerleader squad by being Steve Martin is another example of his zany humor. 

Steve Martin was a truly funny man….who had the God given talent to make people laugh….but was equally talented as a musician and writer…..while his character portrayals in his movie roles provided more evidence to his incredible talent….as we at ImaSportsphile are absolutely delighted to have so much of his work in our Comedy section….as we consider each and every piece to be additional “nuggets of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories. 

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