Comedy – 1986 – Stuart Prankin From Not Necessarily The News On Comic Relief


Stuart Pankin (born April 8, 1946) is an American actor….who is best known for his role as the voice of Earl Sinclair in Dinosaurs….for playing anchor Bob Charles in Not Necessarily the News….and Orthodox Jew Ben Heineman in Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Pankin has made many guest appearances in many television shows….while lending his voice to various animated shows and films. Among his notable films include Hollywood Knights….and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century ….and its sequels, as Commander Plank. He also appeared in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves….and Arachnophobia….plus as Jimmy in Fatal Attraction.   In this video herewith, Stuart Plankin does a piece as news anchor in Not Necessarily The News for the 1986 Comic Relief telethon to raise money for the homeless in the USA. 

Stuart Pankin’s portrayal of former U S President Jimmy Carter…..as being mistake for a “wicker chair” by an airport baggage handler….is in line with this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion of the “former pres”….who we at ImaSportsphile consider is no more than a blood sucking tic…..and we all know that the worst tics are poliTICS…cuz he his blood sucking robbed some 500 US Olympic athletes of their dreams of competing in the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

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