Comedy – Buster Keaton – The Rowing Team & The River Rescue


In the first Keaton pictures with sound….he and his fellow actors would shoot each scene three times….one in English….one in Spanish….and one in either French or German. The actors would phonetically memorize the foreign-language scripts a few lines at a time…..and shoot immediately after. This is discussed in the TCM documentary Buster Keaton: So Funny it Hurt…..with Keaton complaining about having to shoot lousy films not just once….but three times.  Keaton was so demoralized during the production of 1933’s What! No Beer? that MGM fired him after the filming was complete…..despite the film being a resounding hit.  In 1934, Keaton accepted an offer to make an independent film in Paris, Le Roi des Champs-Élysées….and during this period he made another film….in England, The Invader (released in the United States as An Old Spanish Custom in 1936).

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