Comedy – Chevy Chase Hosts Young Comedian – Bill Kirkenbauer


William Alfred “Bill” Kirchenbauer (born February 19, 1953) is an American actor and stand-up comic….who has appeared in television shows and films since the 1970’s.  He is best known for his recurring role as Coach Graham Lubbock on the series Growing Pains….and in the spin-off series Just the Ten of Us (ABC 1988-1990).  Kirchenbauer was born in Salzburg, Austria…..the son of Hester Elaine and Alfred Kirchenbauer….who served in the U.S. army.  He has had recurring roles on Fernwood 2 Night and America 2-Night as singer Tony Rolletti…..on Mork & Mindy as the obnoxious womanizer, T.N.T….and on Clueless as Coach Bullock.  He was a semi-regular panelist on the revival of Match Game in 1990…..and he plays Captain Glucose in the popular The Diabetes Duo: Captain Glucose and Meter Boy…..but before television….he appeared as a stand-up comic in this 1980’s HBO Young Comedians Show with host Chevy Chase…..as he give evidence to his comic brilliance in this particular video.

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