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Comedy – Comic Relief – Harry Anderson & Robin Williams & Billy Crystal & Gilda Radner & Wierd Al


This Comic Relief video clip features some of the best comedic talent of the 1980’s including Whoopie Goldberg, Harry Anderson, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner and Weird Al Yankovic…..as they entertain audiences around the world in an effort called Comic Relief….whereby these comedians along with many others gave their time and talents to a telethon effort to raise money for the homeless of America and around the world….which makes this piece of comedic treasure well worth the watch….for this group were among the best of the best during the decade of the 1980’s.

Whoopie starts off with a comedy piece based on a homeless person living and sleeping on a park bench…..as she then displays the 1985 version of the official Comic Relief t-shirt that was for sale to raise money for the cause….as she was followed by Harry Anderson who performs a wonderful routine of “slight of hand” magic on an unsuspecting passerby…..which provides some great humor with his magic. After Harry comes Robin & Billy…..as the two close friends and wonderful comedians perform a modern dance / ballet type of skit that is a flat-out belly laugh of the highest order….which is followed by the one and only Gilda Radner’s “telethon phone bank skit”….which displays her incredible talent to make folks laugh.  The final piece of this comedy video is of Weird Al Yankovic….who is a songwriter of the highest comedic order….which provides the viewer with a very unique taste of humor.

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