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Comedy – Comic Relief – Harry Anderson & Robin Williams & Gilda Radner & Billy Crystal & Wierd Al Yankovic


This particular video clip features some of the best comedians of their day with Harry Anderson of Night Court fame doing some magic tricks….for as a member of The Academy of Magical Arts located in Hollywood’s Magic Castle….a place that Bone Daddy called home during the history fan jorney at the 1984 Los Angeles Games where he set a Olympic fan record that will never be broken….when he attended a live sporting event in every sport played at the 1984 Games…..for Anderson was a very good magician as evidenced by this piece seen herewith.

The video clip then shifts to a “modern dance” performed by Robin Williams and Billy Crystal….two of the all time funniest comedians….in a display that just makes you laugh…..as this piece then shifts to a solo skit by legendary Saturday Night Live comedian Gilda Radner….which is just a hoot…..and just when you think it can’t get any better that this….Wierd Al Yankovic performs one of his many humorous songs….for this video is well worth the watch….with so many good laughs included.

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