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Comedy – Comic Relief – Harry Anderson & Whoopie Goldberg


I can say this from the bottom of my heart….and Bone Daddy will tell you that this lil ole Chiweenie has a little body….but big ears….and a huge heart….and I will be the first to tell you that I can be had…..especially when folks pull on my heart strings…..so when I apply this concept of “a big heart” to the sports and entertainment industries….folks like Willie Nelson and Farm Aid…..Bob Geldolf and Live Aid…..Whoppie Goldberg, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams et al and Comic Relief….all stand out.  When you look at what has been accomplished by famous athletes and their charitable foundations…..even folks like Lance Armstrong and Livestrong…..that no matter what they did not do right….it is simply what they did right that matters the most in the course of time.  There is something about sports and entertainment that makes their artists special when it come to “a big heart”…..and it has always been that way….for there seems to be an underlying thread of HUMAN kindness that is woven into the fabric of many folks in the universe of sports and entertainment….for in this lil ole Chiweenie’s opinion….all of this is just living proof that folks who grow up in sports and entertainment have all been to the school of hard knocks….and come out the other side with seemingly great needs to give back.

I especially like sharing this entire series of Comic Relief….cuz each of the folks who appear on each video are truly angels giving creative genius that makes folks laugh from their hearts…..albeit many of these angels have some baggage on their wings….for it is the laughter that shines throughout the time spent with these comedians…..laughter that heals all types of troubles. 

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