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Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – SNL / Movies / Sitcom/ Music / Businessman – L E’s Stories Special – “A Comedic Genius With A More Than Normal Supernatural Approach To Making Folks Laugh” – The Story and Life of Legendary Comic Dan Aykroyd – Part 1

Dan Aykroyd Post – Part 1



Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E. 6th Street was a legendary sport bar in downtown Austin, Texas during the 1970’s and 1980’s…..which was best known for it’s “indoor bleacher section” that spanned the mezzanine level where the concession stand (food and beverages) resided…..which spanned the width of the building (less the stairs to the 2nd Floor at the Garden…..while having 7 rows of bleachers that were  right in front of a giant 10′ diagonal TV screen….. which was huge in 1975…..while having a rear projection three color (red, green, blue) tubes that projected on the 10′ diagonal screen with an incredibly clear color picture…..and the folks in the bleacher section just loved it!   This section could hold upwards of 220 people during any given important live sporting, comedy or music events…..as the Bleacher Section would fill up first…..as the fans (patrons) just loved drinking pitchers of beer in front of the Big Screen in the bleachers.  As a matter of fact, from 1975 until when MSG left 6th Street in 1986…..the Bleacher Section would fill to capacity every Saturday night at 10:30pm for the live airing of NBC’s Saturday Night Live…..featuring the original cast of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players…..which included John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Laraine Newman, Garrett Morris, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd…..who is the comedian / entertainer extraordinaire that became the youngest member of this famous comedy troupe…..as he first appeared as a writer for SNL…..but quickly moved to part of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players…..and who would have thought, SNL is still airing live on Saturday night as it was back when the comedic genius of Dan Aykroyd first came on the scene.  This post will provide us here at ImaSportsPhile a real walk down memory lane…..as the fact remains that SNL was a very real and joyful experience of MSG’s first 12 years of existence…..cuz we grew up with SNL, as this historic comedy show started in 1975 like MSG, The Sports Place in downtown Austin, Texas…..so, we hope you folks enjoy viewing the life and legend of Dan Aykroyd…..for he was something very special then…..and still is today in October of 2023.





Comedy & News – Dan Aykroyd – AXStv’s Interview – 2023 – An AXStv Production Special – “Dan Rather’s The Big Interview With Guest Dan Aykroyd” – As Aykroyd Talks All Things SNL & Impressions of Presidents Nixon and Carter + Walter Cronkite                                                                                                                                                           

Daniel Edward Aykroyd born July 1, 1952) is a Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, and musician. Aykroyd was a writer and an original member of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” cast on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live from its inception in 1975 until his departure in 1979. During his tenure on SNL, he appeared in a recurring series of sketches, particularly featuring the Coneheads and the Blues Brothers. For his work on the show, he received five Primetime Emmy Award nominations, winning for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series in 1977. After his departure, he has since returned to guest roles.





Comedy – SNL Skit – 1978 – An Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aydroyd + John Belushi + Bill Murray et al – The Olympia Restaurant: Cheeseburger, Chips and Pepsi”                                                                                     




Comedy – SNL Skit – 1978 – An Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aydroyd + Steve Martin – Two Wild & Crazy Guys: Computer Dates”                                                                                                                                               




Comedy – SNL Skit – 1978 – An Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aydroyd + Steve Martin + Bill Murray + Jane Curtin + Gilda Radner + John Belushi + Laraine Newman – Coneheads Family Feud”




Aykroyd gained prominence for writing, and starring as Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz in Ghostbusters in 1984 and Ghostbusters II in 1989…..and has reprised his role in various projects within the Ghostbusters franchise.  He also is known for his comedic roles in Trading Places in 1983…..Spies Like Us in 1985 …..Dragnet in 1987…..Coneheads in 1993…..The Great Outdoors in 1988….. The Blues Brothers in 1980 and its 1998 sequel.





Movies & Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – Best Movie List – 2023 – A The Firewall Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd: His Top 10 Movies”




In 1990, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Boolie Werthan in Driving Miss Daisy in 1989…..with other dramatic roles than include in My Girl in 1991…..Chaplin and Sneakers  both in 1992…..plus, he’s done supporting roles in Tommy Boy in 1995….. Grosse Pointe Blank in 1997…..50 First Dates in 2004…..The Campaign in 2012…..and Behind the Candelabra in 2013. 





Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 1989 – A Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers Production Special – For the Movie Driving Miss Daisy – Starring Jessica Tandy + Morgan Freeman + Dan Aykroyd                              




Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 1991 – A Sony Pictures Entertainment Production Special – For the Movie My Girl – Starring Anna Chlumsky + Macaulay Culkin + Jamie Lee Curtis + Dan Aykroyd                                   




Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 1992 – A Sarah Kenney Production Special – For the Movie Chaplin – Starring Robert Downey Jr. + Marisa Tomei + Geraldine Chaplin + Paul Rhys + Dan Aykroyd                                  




Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 1992 – A Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers Production Special – For the Movie Sneakers – Starring Robert Redford + Mary McDonnell + Sydney Portier + River Phoenix + Dan Aykroyd                                                                                                                                                                               




Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 1992 – A dvdmajestic Production Special – For the Movie Grosse Pointe Blank – Starring John Cusack + Minnie Driver + Alan Arkin + Dan Aykroyd                                            




 Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 2004 – A Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers Production Special – For the Movie 50 First Dates – Starring Adam Sandler + Drew Barrymore + Rob Schneider + Sean Astin + Dan Aykroyd                                                                                                                                                                            




Movie – Actor Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 2013 – A Roadshow Films Production Special – For the Movie Behind The Candelabra – Starring Michael Douglas + Matt Damon + Dan Aykroyd




He starred as Reverend Mike Weber, in his sitcom Soul Man (1997–1998)…..and he has since appeared on various television shows including It’s Garry Shandling’s Show in 1990…..Home Improvement in 1997…..Family Guy in 2009…..The Simpsons in 2021…..and The Conners in 2019.  Aykroyd is also a businessman, having co-founded the House of Blues chain of music venues and the Crystal Head Vodka brand.





Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – Sitcom – 1997 – A MetalWarriorOfChrist \m/ Production Special – Season 2 Episode 1 of TV Sitcom Soul Man – Starring Dan Aykroyd + Anthony Clark + Dakin Matthews + Brendon Ryan Barnett




Music – Live at the House of Blues in New Orleans – 1995 – Blues Traveler With Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) – “Rock Me Baby”                                                                                                                                                                                                




Music – Live at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA – 2017 – A ElReysGarage Production Special “Blues Brothers – Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi Play the House of Blues With Brother JD – “I Got My Mojo On”                                             




TV Commercial – Dan Aykroyd Infomercial – 2018 – A Freemasonry Watch 1 Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd: Crystal Head Vodka Infomercial”




Aykroyd was born on July 1, 1952, at The Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario.  His father, Samuel Cuthbert Peter Hugh Aykroyd, a civil engineer, worked as a policy adviser to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and his mother, Lorraine Hélène Marie (née Gougeon), was a secretary.  His mother was of French Canadian descent and his father was of English, Scottish, Irish, French, and Dutch ancestry  His paternal ancestor was Englishman Samuel Aykroyd from Halifax, Yorkshire, who emigrated to the United States, eventually settling in Upper Canada near Kingston, Ontario in 1810.  His brother, Peter (1955 – 2021), was also an actor.





 Documentary – Dan Aykroyd – UFO Sightings – 2012 – A Neighbourhood UFO Watch Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged On UFOs” – While Exploring Past And Present Sightings From Around the World With Shocking Real Footage Never Before Seen




He attended St. Pius X and St. Patrick’s high schools, and studied criminology and sociology at Carleton University, but dropped out before completing his degree. He worked as a comedian in various Canadian nightclubs and ran an after-hours speakeasy, Club 505, in Toronto for several years.





Interviews – Dan Aykroyd – The Joe Rogan Experience – 2019 – A JRE Clips Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd:  Ghostly Encounters” – As Joe Rogan Interviews Dan Aykroyd On His Haunted House In Los Angeles & Personal Experience of Sleeping with A Ghost Story 




Interviews – Dan Aykroyd – Canadian Radio Show The Q With Host Jian Ghomeshi – 2010 – A
Q with Tom Power
Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd & His Father Peter Aykroyd:  Talk About The Aykroyd Clan’s Own Experiences and Experiments with the Paranormal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Aykroyd developed his musical career in Ottawa, particularly through his regular attendance at Le Hibou, a club that featured many blues artists. He describes these influences as follows:  “There was a little disco club there called Le Hibou…..which means The Owl in French…..and it was run by a gentleman named Harvey Glatt…..who brought every, and I mean every, blues star that you or I would every have wanted to have seen through Ottawa in the late 1950’s…..well I guess more late 1960’s sort of in and around the Newport jazz rediscovery.  I was going to Le Hibou and hearing James Cotton, Otis Spann, Pinetop Perkins and Muddy Waters.  I did actually jam behind Muddy Waters….when S. P. Leary left the drum kit one night….and  Muddy said ‘anybody out there play the drums?….cua I don’t have a drummer…..and I walked on stage and we started, I don’t know, Little Red Rooster, something…..when he said ‘keep that beat going, you make Muddy feel good.  Also I heard Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Buurnett) on many occasions…..as well as The Doors…..and of course Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee….so, I was exposed to all of the great men of the blues….while playing these as part of this scene to service the academic community of Ottawa…..which was a very well-educatied commuunity.  Has I lived in a different town, I don’t think that this would have happened…..cuz it was just the confluence of educated government workers…..and then also all the colleges in the area…..with Ottawa University, Carleton and all the schools…..as these people were interested in blues culture.” 





Music & Movie Clips – The Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd & John Goodman) – 2000 – From the Movie Blues Brothers 2000 – A RosinSmoke Production Special – “The Blues Brothers: Performing Ghost Riders In The Sky”




Aykroyd’s first professional experience…..which he gained at the age of 17….. was as a member of the cast of the short-lived Canadian sketch comedy series The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour with Lorne Michaels, among others….. then he was a member of the Second City comedy troupe in 1973 in both Toronto and Chicago.





Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – Official Trailer – 2010 – A Cineverse Production Special – “Second City:   First Family of Comedy” – – With Host Dan Aykroyd




Aykroyd gained fame on the American late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL)…..when he was originally hired, and paid $278 a week, as a writer for the show…..but because of his comedic talent, became a part of the cast before the series premiered. The original cast was referred to on the show as “The Not Ready For Prime Time Players”…..which consisted of John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, Garrett Morris, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner and Dan Aykroyd…..who was the youngest member of the cast…..and appeared on the show for its 1st four seasons, from 1975 to 1979.  He brought a sensibility to the show which combined youth, unusual interests, talent as an impersonator, and a manic intensity.  Guest host Eric Idle of Monty Python said that Aykroyd’s ability to write and act out characters made him the only member of the SNL cast capable of being a Python.





 Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – SNL Skit – 1978 – SNL Season 4 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd:   The French Chef” – An Awesome Interpretation of the Incredible Julia Child




 Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – SNL Skit – 1976 – SNL Season 2 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd:   The French Chef” – An Awesome Interpretation of the Incredible Julia Child                                                                                                                                                                                         




Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – SNL Skit – 1977 – SNL Season 2 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “President Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd):   Takes Unscreened Calls from the Public and Demonstrates a Knowledge of Everything from Programming Automatic Letter Sorting Machines To Reassuring Panicky Teens On Acid On ‘Ask President Carter'”                                                                                                                              




Comedy – TV Ad / Comedy Skit – 1978 – An Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd for the Super Bass-O-Matic 76” – 42 Years After the Original Version                                                                                          




Comedy – TV Ad / Comedy Skit – 1979 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd & Jane Curtin:  Weekend Update’s Point / Counter Point On Actor Lee Marvin’s Divorce Proceedings”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



He was known for his impersonations of celebrities such as Jimmy Carter, Vincent Price, Richard Nixon, Rod Serling, Tom Snyder, and Julia Child.  He was also known for his recurring roles, such as Beldar, father of the Coneheads family…..plus, with Steve Martin, Yortuk Festrunk, one of the “Two Wild and Crazy Guys” brothers from Bratislava, Slovakia…..along with sleazy late-night cable TV host E. Buzz Miller…..along with his cousin, corrupt maker of children’s toys and costumes Irwin Mainway (who extolled the virtues and defended the safety of the “Bag-o-Glass” toy)…..and then there was Fred Garvin – male prostitute…..and high-bred but low-brow critic Leonard Pinth-Garnell.  Additionally, there was the ever popular Weekend Update News segment that Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin parodied the Point/Counterpoint segment on the CBS news show 60 Minutes…..which featured the liberal Shana Alexander and the conservative segregationist  James Kilpatrick, by portraying the two as hating one another…..evidenced Aykroyd’s 1st words in response to Curtin’s point were, “Jane, you ignorant slut!”.





Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – Extended Highlights Special – 1971 To Present – A BadfishKoo Production Special – “A Compilation Of Funny Clips Featuring Dan Aykroyd”                                                                                              




Comedy – Dan Aykroyd – Extended Highlights Special – 1971 To Present – A Yorkington00 Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd: A Lifetime Of Funny Moments From A Funny Man and Great Entertainer”                                                                                                                                                                            




Comedy & Talk Shows – Dan Aykroyd + Bill Murray – The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson – 1984 – A Johnny Carson Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd Is Joined By Bill Murray To Talk About Their New Movie Ghostbusters and The Paranormal”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



Aykroyd’s eccentric talent was recognized by others in the highly competitive SNL environment…..when he 1st presented his “Super Bass-O-Matic ’76” sketch…..which was a fake TV commercial in which a garish, hyper-pitchman (based on Ron Popeil) touts a food blender that turns an entire bass into liquid pulp…..while the other writers and cast members considered the sketch “so exhilaratingly strange that many remember sitting and listening, open-mouthed … Nobody felt jealous of it because they couldn’t imagine writing anything remotely like it.”  Aykroyd later said that the inspiration for the sketch was seeing his aunt Helene Gougeon (a culinary writer and food columnist in Montreal) put a bass into a blender in order to make a bouillabaisse when he was 12 years old.





Comedy – TV Ad / Comedy Skit – 1976 – An Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd for the Super Bass-O-Matic 76″ – Original Version   




While Aykroyd was a close friend and partner with fellow cast member John Belushi…..while sharing some of the same sensibilities…..but Aykroyd was more reserved and less self-destructive……as Aykroyd later recalled that, unlike Belushi and others of his peers, he was uninterested in recreational drug use.





News & Comedy – Dan Aykroyd + John Belushi – KATU Channel 2 ABC News – 1979 – A KATU News Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd + John Belushi:  Interviewed by KATU’s Stuart Rosenthal – About the Blues Brothers…..Animal House…..and Filming in Oregon”





Comedy & Interviews – 2020 – A What We’re Drinking with Dan Dunn Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd: Interview With Dan Dunn – Talking About Where He Was, And What He Did, When He Got The News About His Friend And Colleague John Belushi’s Death”




Comedy & Interviews – 2012 – A HLN Showbiz Tonight Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd:  Interview With Showbiz  – Remembers John Belushi – He Was My Brother”                                                                                                       




In 1977, he received an Emmy Award for writing on SNL…..then he later received two more nominations for writing…..and one for acting.  In Rolling Stones February 2015 appraisal of all 141 SNL cast members to date, Aykroyd was ranked 5th behind Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey and Mike Myers…..when Rolling Stone said, “Of all the original [SNL] greats, Aykroyd is the least imitated”, they wrote, “because nobody else can do what he did.”





Movie & Comedy – Movie Clips Special – 1980 – A Film Major Production Special – “The Blues Brothers Movie Scene With Jake (John Belushi) & Elwood (Dan Aykroyd):  Having Lunch At The 5-Star Restaurant – How Much For Your Women?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



In later decades, Aykroyd made occasional guest appearances and unannounced cameos on SNL…..while often times impersonating the American politician Bob Dole…..when he also brought back past characters including Irwin Mainway and Leonard Pinth-Garnell.  In 1995, he appeared on the show to introduce a performance by Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip…..as Aykroyd, who is a fan of the band, had personally lobbied Lorne Michaels to book them as musical guests.  During some guest appearances, he resurrected the Blues Brothers musical act with frequent host John Goodman in place of Belushi…..who was by then deceased.  He became the 2nd member of the original cast to host SNL in May 2003….. when he appeared in the season finale…..and during his monologue, he performed a musical number with James Belushi similar to the Blues Brothers…..but neither Aykroyd nor Belushi donned the black suit and sunglasses.  On March 24, 2007, Aykroyd appeared as a crying fan of American Idol finalist Sanjaya Malakar (played by Andy Samberg) during “Weekend Update”.  On February 14, 2009, he appeared as U.S. House Minority leader John Boehner…..plus, Aykroyd also made a surprise guest appearance, along with many other SNL alumni, on the show of March 9, 2013.





Comedy – SNL Skit – 1977 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Samurai Hitman” – Starring Dan Aykroyd + John Belushi + Bill Murray + Garrett Morris                                                                                                          




Comedy – SNL Skit – 1995 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Coal Miners” – Starring Dan Aykroyd + John Goodman + Kevin Nealon + Mark Mckinney – As Coal Miners’ Stories Involve Frequent Cave-Ins in the Shaft




Comedy – SNL Skit – 1979 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – “Superhero Party” – Starring Flash (Dan Aykroyd) + The Incredible Hulk (John Belushi) + Lana Lane (Jane Curtin) + Beverly (Gilda Radner) + Antman (Garrett Morris) – At Party of Superheroes Hosted by Clark Kent (Bill Murray) and Lois Lane (Margo Kidder)




Comedy – SNL Skit – 1979 – A Saturday Night Live Production Special – Dan Aykroyd + Gilda Radner:  In I Love Lucy A-Bomb”




Aykroyd was a close friend of John Belushi…..when according to Aykroyd, their 1st meeting helped spark the Blues Brothers act…..as they met in a club that Aykroyd frequented…..when he played a blues record in the background …..and it stimulated a fascination with blues in Belushi…..who was primarily a fan of heavy rock bands at the time…..so, Aykroyd educated Belushi on the finer points of blues music…..and with a little encouragement from then-SNL music director Paul Shaffer, it led to the creation of their Blues Brothers characters.  Backed by such experienced professional R&B sidemen as lead guitarist Steve Cropper…..sax man Lou Marini…..trumpeter Alan Rubin…..and bass guitarist Donald “Duck” Dunn, the Blues Brothers proved more than an SNL novelty…..while taking off with the public as a legitimate musical act, they performed live gigs and in 1978 released the hit album Briefcase Full of Blues…..which was drawn from the fact that Aykroyd, as “Elwood Blues”, carried his blues harmonicas in a briefcase that he kept handcuffed to his wrist, in the manner of a CIA courier…..as Belushi originally carried the key to those handcuffs.  Briefcase Full of Blues eventually sold 3.5 million copies….. and is one of the highest-selling blues albums of all time.  The band was much further popularized in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers…..which was co-written by Aykroyd.  A sequel, titled Blues Brothers 2000, was released in 1998 and featured John Goodman as Belushi’s replacement.                                                                                                                                                                    




 Music & Movies – The Blues Brothers – Movie Clips – 1980 – A Movie Clips Production Special – “Jake (John Belushi) & Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd & Ray Charles: Shake a Tail Feather Scene from the Movie The Blues Brothers”                                                                                                                                                            




Music & Movies – The Blues Brothers – Movie Clips – 1980 – A Movie Clips Production Special – “Jake (John Belushi) & Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) Perform “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” Scene




Music & Movies – The Blues Brothers – Movie Clips – 1980 – A Movie Clips Production Special – “Jake (John Belushi) & Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) –  Scene From the Movie The Blues Brothers – Paying the Price Scene”




Music & Movies – The Blues Brothers – Movie Clips – 1989 – A Movie Clips Production Special – “Jake (John Goodman) & Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) –  Scene From the Movie The Blues Brothers 2000 – Performing I’m Looking For A Fox Nightclub Scene”




Music & Movies – Aretha Franklin – The Blues Brothers – Movie Clips – 2000 – A Movie Clips Production Special – “Jake (John Goodman) & Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) –  Scene From the Movie The Blues Brothers 2000 – With Aretha Franklin Performing “R E S P E C T” Scene”




Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles was a regular haunt for the original Blues Brothers in the early days of the band…..as Belushi and Aykroyd became fixtures at the recording studio…..while Blues Brothers band member Steve Cropper called Cherokee his producing home.  Whenever they needed a bass player, they were joined by another band member, Donald “Duck” Dunn….. when during this time, Cropper, along with producing partner and Cherokee owner Bruce Robb, worked on a number of music projects with the two comedians/musicians, including Belushi’s favorite band, Fear…..and later with Aykroyd’s movie Dragnet.                                                                                                         




Movies – Dan Aykroyd + Tom Hanks – Movie Clips – 2000 – A stickuall Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd + Tom Hanks: – Collection of Scenes From the Movie Dragnet – With A Compilation of Wonderful Scenes From A Very Funny Movie”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



The Blues Brothers Band continues to tour, both with and without Aykroyd. The band features original members Cropper and Marini, along with vocalist Eddie Floyd.  Aykroyd sometimes performs as Elwood, along with Belushi’s younger brother Jim Belushi, who plays “Brother Zee” on stage. They are most frequently backed by the Sacred Hearts Band.                                                          




Music – The Blues Brothers – Live On Stage in San Antonio, Texas – 2022 – The Blues Brothers – Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) + Brother Zee (Jim Belushi) Perform Sweet Home Chicago – Just a Mere 43 Years After The Blues Brother’s 1st Took the Stage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



After leaving SNL, Aykroyd starred in a number of films, mostly comedies, with uneven results both commercially and artistically.  His 1st three American feature films all co-starred Belushi…..with the 1st being 1941  released in 1979…..and directed by Steven Spielberg, was a box-office disappointment.  The 2nd, The Blues Brothers in 1980…..which he co-wrote with director John Landis, was a massive hit…..and the 3rd, Neighbors in 1981, had mixed critical reaction, but was another box-office hit.  One of his best-received performances was as a blueblood-turned-wretch in the 1983 comedy Trading Places, in which he co-starred with fellow SNL alumnus  Eddie Murphy and Jamie Lee Curtis.  He also appeared in Twilight Zone The Movie in the prologue and at the end of Segment Four as the passenger and the ambulance driver.





 Movie – Movie Clips – Dan Aykroyd – Scene From the Movie 1941 – 1979 – A Film Major Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd: Demonstrates How Not to Use A Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun”




Movie – Movie Clips – Dan Aykroyd + John Belushi – Scene From the Movie Neighbors – 1981 – A Movieclips Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd + John Belushi: He Tried to Pork Me Scene”




Movie – Movie Clips – Dan Aykroyd: Scene From the Movie Trading Places – 1983 – A Movieclips Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd:  Those Men Wanted to Have Sex with Me from the Getting Out of Jail Scene”




Movie & Special – Movie Clips from the Movie Trading Places – Dan Aykroyd + Jamie Lee Curtis + Eddie Murphy – 1983 – A FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd:  Behind the Scene For the Movie Trading Places”




In the early 1980’s, Aykroyd began work on a script for the film that eventually became Ghostbusters…..which was inspired by his fascination with parapsychology and his belief in ghosts.  The script initially included a much greater fantasy element…..which included time travel…..but this was toned down substantially through work on the script with Harold Ramis…..who became a co-writer….along with director Ivan Reitman.  Aykroyd originally wrote the role of Dr. Peter Venkman with Belushi in mind…..but rewrote it for Bill Murray after Belushi’s death.  Aykroyd joked that the green ghost, later known as “Slimer”, was “the ghost of John Belushi” and was based on Belushi’s party-animal personality.  Ghostbusters was released in 1984 and became a huge success for Aykroyd…..who also appeared as one of the lead actors…..when the film earned nearly US$300 million on a US$30 million  budget.  Aykroyd also briefly appeared in the hit 1984 action-adventure film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as an escort with a British accent.





 Movie Clips & Comedy – Scene from the Movie Ghostbusters – 1984 – A Ghostbusters Production Special – Dan Aykroyd + Bill Murray + Harold Ramis:  In A Compilation of ‘Slimer the Ghost of John Belushi’ Throughout the Movie”




 Movie Clips & Comedy – Scene from the Movie Ghostbusters – 1984 – A Ghostbusters Production Special – Dan Aykroyd:  The Bedroom Scene”                                                                                                                                          



Movie Clips & Comedy – Scene from the Movie Ghostbusters – 1984 – A Ghostbusters Production Special – “Annie Potts + Dan Aykroyd + Bill Murray + Harold Ramis (The Ghostbusters):  Savin’ the Day On Our Own Scene”




Movie Clips & Comedy – Scene from the Movie Ghostbusters – 1984 – A Ghostbusters Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd + Bill Murray + Harold Ramis (The Ghostbusters):  Stay Puff Marshmallow Man”                                      



Aykroyd’s next major film role was in the 1985 spy comedy film Spies Like Us…..which like The Blues Brothers was co-conceived and co-written by Aykroyd…..and directed by John Landis…..as Aykroyd had again intended for Belushi to be the other lead in the film…..when the part was instead given to SNL alumnus Chevy Chase…..albeit the film was intended as an homage to the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby Road to movies of the 1940’s to 1960’s…..while Bob Hope made a cameo appearance in the film.                                                                     




Movie Clips & Comedy – Scene from the Movie Spies Like Us – 1985 – A J-Boog 361 Production Special – “Dan Aykroyd + Bill Murray:  As the Doctors Performing the Surgery”



At the halfway point of the life and legend of Dan Aykroyd as Part 1 ends….. can all of those who love comedy say….Thank God for Dan Aykroyd…..and his brand of comedy, movies, music and his cosmic paranormal connections…… cuz throughout it all…..he has entertained us…..and made us laugh a great deal. 

End of Dan Aykroyd Post – Part 1


Part 2 Continued on Next Post








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