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Comedy – Red Skelton – Clem Kaddlehoffer & How To Dunk Donuts & Greek Waiter


This video clip features the work of one of America’s greatest treasures….their own and never to be replaced Clown Prince of Comedy….as the one and only Red Skelton does one of his famous characters unforgettable characters in Clem Kaddlehoffer….only to follow up with a classic Skelton mime on “How to Dunk Donuts”….and ending with his unique mime comedy of “The Greek Waiter….for this is unforgettable comedy that the world needs more today than the day that Red performed these skits.

In April of 2015, I posted on Youtube a Red Skelton video clip of the Clown Prince of Comedy doing “Two Highway Patrolmen”, “Two Texans” and “Frogs” which has had in excess of 1.25 million views since it was posted….which is a true testiment of Red Skelton’s popularity still today….some 40 years after he performed these pieces on live stage. This same video has generated over 500 comments regarding the greatness of Red Skelton….a comedian who never cussed or made sexual or racial slurrs….a man who always found true comedy in the life he lived.

It is this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion that this man had the God given talent to make people laugh….and that is why God allowed him to entertain us all for over 70 years from 1923 – 1993….cuz the HUMANS of the world needed to laugh more….so, where is our Red Skelton in 2017!?!….for never have the people of the world needed to laugh more than we do today….not to laugh at others color, gender, capabilities or complexities….but to laugh at ourselve….like America’s Clown Prince of Comedy taught us to do.


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