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Comedy – Red Skelton – Seagulls Gertrude And Heathcliff & Marcel Marceau In Romantic Tango


Red Skelton is going to turn out to be The Patron Saint for Imasportsphile…..for he was truly loved by a myriad of fans who found his comedic style to be deserving of being referred to as America’s Clown Prince….for this truly was a man who was adorned with a God given talent to make people laugh….and he did so without ever offending any person whom he entertained in his 70+ years that God allowed him to stay on this Earth….for He knew that mankind just needed to laugh more….so, enter side stage….Red Skelton.

After less than one year of being posted on the internet….the Red Skelton videos appearing in Imasportsphile Comedy Section has garnered over 1.2 millions views from adoring fans who remember this wonderful comedian for his awesome ability to make them all laugh….not just ha ha ha stuff….but more like BIG OLE BELLY LAUGHS….as my Skelton videos like this one herewith….have generated nearly 700 comments from fans who just wanted to express how much they appreciated my posting clips of his work….with the following being one of my favorite of those comments as follows; 

“Witty, Wish, Whimsical and Wild, with a career that included fame as an artist and a pioneer in TV comedy presentations.  One of the great comedic entertainers of the 20th centurey.  Devoted to his family and entertaining people.  His recitation on the Pledge of Allegiance should be used in every American school as a History lesson.  A gentle Soul, a Patriot and a follower of the Jewish Carpenter’s Teachings. America would be doing itself a BIG favor shutting off their “modern”, sex polluted, rude and crude humorists and rediscover a calmer, kinder gentler outlook on life.  I will always remember how it felt at the end of his weekly TV show and live appearances to here him say to his audience something WE should ALL start saying more often to each other, Thank You for watching, and May God Bless.”  

If that doesn’t just about say all that needs to be said….for all there is left to do is click on the video and sit back and enjoy and laugh to your hearts content.

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