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Comedy – Red Skelton – Stand Up Live & The Kinkers Breakfast


Red Skelton was more than just a comedian….for he was an awesome mime….a talented film actor…..a brilliant clown….a successful artist….an artful joke teller and word merchant….as Richard “Red” Skelton was an entertainer of the highest level….who could make anyone laugh….for this was his true God given talent….and he bacame a master, so God allowed him to stay with HUMANITY for many years….cuz He knows HUMANITY needs to laugh more….as it is my sincere delight to be preserving just a little part of the whole package that was Red Sketlon.  The truth is that Red did it the right way….for he never cussed or belittled anyone….but he sure knew how to make folks laugh.

Red Skelton was also a master at recognizing talent….as my double-digit videos of Red’s television specials proves out….for in this video, he showcases Shields and Yarnell….a comedic mime team who was talented beyond conpare….as their talent is delightfully exhibited in the video herewith…..as they perform “The Kinkers at Breakfast”….for the viewing public to enjoy.

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