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Comedy – Red Skelton – Stand Up Routine & The Wonderful World of Mimishant


Comedian and entertainer extraoidinair Red Skelton just might become the most influencial artist from the combined world of sports, comedy and music in Imasportsphile’s 2300 hrs. of vintage video library….which means if my dreams come true….he will quite possibly help more children than he ever expected….cuz after I have the entire content of Bone Daddy’s library posted within these pages….I want to turn my focus to my BIGGEST DREAM for Imasportsphile is to eventually make this site into a virtual museum that folks can join for a nominal fee ($5 per month) that is owned by a charitable foundation called Imasportsphile Sports Academy….which will serve as a home for orphan children….which will teach the residents at Imasportsphile Sports Academy through the universe of sports….with educational ciricullums in all avenues of sport….and because Red Skelton will drive millions of viewers to my site….and his humor will be the BIG DRAW.

I will finish off this tangent into my real dreams for www.imasportphile.com by sharing a comment….one of over 600 comments regarding Red Skelton in the past 8 months….from a man with the Youtube moniker of “Kentucky Ken”…..who had this to say about Red Skelton…“I suffer from chronic back and leg pain that keeps me awake at night on many occasions. Tonight was one of those, so I went to the outbuilding to turn on my computer and I went to the Comedy section at your site….and after watching many of your Red Skelton video clips….I realized I had a pain in my sides from laughing so hard. Laughter is really the best medicine. Thanks for your posts, they made my day better.”


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