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Comedy – Red Skelton – Two Highway Patrolmen & Two Texans & Frogs


Red Skelton was an entertainer extraordinaire….who entertained audiences for the better part of 70 years in medicine shows, riverboats, as an clown artist, radio, film, television and stage….as his most outstanding talent was his pure ability to make folks laugh….for this was his true God given talent….and that is why God allowed him to conMtinue entertaining folks for so long….cuz He knew that HUMANITY needed to laugh a whole lot more than they did.

The truth is that unbeknownst to Red Skelton due to his departing this Earth back in 1997….is the fact that this video clip of “Two Highway Patrolmen” and “Two Texans” and “Frogs” has been viewed on Youtube by more than 1,050,000 viewers in the first year of me posting the 370 hrs. (1400 videos) of my entire 2300 hrs of videos….and when you consider that the next closest of the other 1399 videos already posted has 70,000 views….it strongly suggests that Red may be the all-time most favorite athlete or artist to grace our extensive video library.

As for this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….I just love everything that I have seen of this incredible entertainer and comedian….cuz he never cusses and he never belittles anyone or anything….he simply makes folks laugh….as for me, he was and is still today….The Clown Prince of Comedy….so. enjoy this piece of American treasure.

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