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Comedy – Richard Pryor – Kids Lying & Stuttering Chinaman & Orgasms And Macho Man


Bone Daddy has literally hundreds of hours of comedy….featuring the funniest comedians and their funniest pieces….but “foul mouthed” or not…..Richard Pryor was as the top of the heap when it came to just making you laugh…..and not just some chuckle….but multiple full blown belly laughs…..you know, the kind that heals the soul….for he continued to provide proof that folks who come from the most challenged of backgrounds and life experiences….can somehow morph into the funniest of HUMANS.  Now, just cuz I am a Chiweenie dog….doesn’t mean that I don’t know funny….cuz I do….and funny is funny….no matter when or where…..and the truth be told….it seems that there is some connection to difficult childhoods that brings us the funniest comedians….like Johnathon Winters, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor….as each of these genius laugh makers all had very dark hidden chambers in their minds, hearts and souls….which ended up in having very significant effects on the tenure of their lives….but came out of each of them as pearls of everlasting humor for all folks to enjoy and laugh at for years to come.



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