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Comedy – Special – Chevy Chase Hosts Young Comedians – Irv Burton & Denny Johnson


This vintage comedy video features two comedians who have long been forgotten in the annals of comedic history….but Irv Burton and Denny Johnson were both very funny guys…..as Irv Burton does a hillarious King Kong comedy portrayal….followed by some really great physical comedy and music comedy stuff….for this guy was highly energetic and full of laughs….as Burton is followed by Chevy Chase in an absolutely hillarious skit where Chase is on the phone with his Chineese laundromat…..then the somewhat crazy and definitely talented Denny Johnson follows with his somewhat twisted music comedy and telephone message systems…. which is followed by his zany but very funny sense of humor.

These HBO Comedy Specials known as Young Comedians were typically hosted by famous comedians like Carl Reiner, The Smothers Brothers and Chevy Chase….like this video piece herewith….but one constant was the young comedy that HBO was able to uncover and present to the public for the first time on television.  I gotta tell you this….I love Denny Johnson bit using Jack Nicholson’s voice…..cuz it is sooooo funny.

There are more than just a few laughs in this video…..that each of our viewers needs desparately….cuz you all need to laugh more…..so, enjoy !!!

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