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Cycling – 1987 – Tour De France – Special – CBSs Phil Liggett On The Casualties Of The 1987 Tour

It has always been our opinion while watching and posting Tour de France videos…..that the cyclist who compete in this race….are obviously “thrill seakers” who love to ride on the edge of danger….and this video seen herewith proves our point…..as CBS Phil Liggett narrates a this short video with highlights of just how dangerous this race really is….be it by riding on the edge of a paved goat path up the mountains of the Alps…..with 1000 ft. drops below…..or coming down the mountain at speeds of 70 mph to 90 mph on “fishback” roads that swerve and meander more often than a mountain stream…..for these athletes have “huevos” the size of canteloupes. 

CBS’s roving race analyst Phil Liggett provides footage of the casualties of the 1987 Tour de France without any narrative….cuz these images simply don’t need to be discussed or analyzed…..as they simply speak for themselves.

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