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Cycling – 1987 – Tour De France – Special – NBCs Bill Macatee Reviews The 1987 Tour de France

We are very fortunate to have so many NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, et al network videos that basically are a collection of highlights and short stories about various sports high points during that year…..which provided highlights of many of the key moments in sports during any given year…..a compilation of “magic memory moments” in a wide variety of sports throughout that particular year. 

Therefore, these videos of “years in review” provide us here at ImaSortsphile with a ton of highlights to access and extract…..which are all highlights of the game’s greatest performances during that year….as evidenced by this video with highlights of the 1987 Tour de France….and all done in 2 minutes…..so, watch this video enjoy your shot of a great trip down memory lane.

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