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Daredevils – 1986 – ABC Special – Evil Knievel – The Master Of Daredevil Stunts – With Jim McKay

Daredevils are defined in Websters as “recklessly and often ostentatiously daring”….daredevil….noun…..Definition of daredevil is a recklessly bold person….and there was never a daredevil quite like Evil Knievel….I mean….even the name emits the definition of daredevil in real life….and what a daredevil he was….cuz he used the element of speed to accentuate his daredevil mantra….whether the speed came from a motorcycle, car or rocket….Evil Knievel owned the space when it came to being a daredevil….as Evil Knievel performed his daredevil stunts with a flair of a hero going against the odds and taking on the big bad dangerous monster….and it didn’t matter if he was jumping the giant fountains at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas…..or sling-shoting of a ramp in an attempt to fly over 13 Pepsi delivery trucks….both on his motorcycle….or for that matter….attempting to jump the Grand Canyon in the USA in a steam-powered rocket.  

Over the course of his career….Evel Knievel attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps alone…not to mention the other daredevil stunts he attempted throughout his life…. which qualifies Evel Knievel as the greatest daredevil of all time in our library here at ImaSportsphile….making this video “pure gold” in our treasure chest of memories.

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