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Distance Running – 1984 – Special – Austin American Statesman’s Capitol 10,000


Austin, Texas is one of the most unique cities in the world….which has had a moniker of Keep Austin Wierd for some 53 years since the mid-1960’s….while being the home of The University of Texas….Barton Springs….78704…Capital 10,000….Austin City Limits….6th Street….Franklin’s BBQ…Formula 1 Racing…. Live Music Scene….Robert Rodriquez movies…TexMex food and on and on….for it is a uniquely diverse place….where all levels of creative minds explore new worlds and dimensions in virtually every genre of creative expression….while red neck cowboys, ranchers, oilmen, entrepreneurs with grand ideas et al…hold on fervently to small town Texas values and beliefs….which are very near and dear to them…cuz I can tell you this 1st hand….a handshake in West Texas is stronger than a legal document….when one is considering small town Texas values.   

Austin allowed Bone Daddy….the original Sportsphile….to expand exponentially from conceiving an idea to buy a 10 meter Scientific Atlanta satellite dish in 1977….known back in the late 1970’s as a Satellite Earth Station….in order to bring more live sports into The Sports Place, Madison Square Garden at 302 E. 6th Street….then after having to register the grid co-ordinates with the US Federal Communications Commission as to where that monstrous dish….which required a monstrous 3 ft. wrench….just to move the 10m monster to obtain reception from Satcom 1 to Weststar 1.  When Bone Daddy would show satellite sports that no other restaurant and bar could show at MSG….he would keep getting requests to replay the event… which brought to life the genesis of what became the  process of recording this incredible 2300 hours of vintage video affords….when he purchased several Sony Betamax cassette recorders on which the library would be recorded. The Sony Betamax tapes had a basic 2 hr. recording time….so just think about the cost of 1150 cassette tapes necessary for recording 2300 hours….with each tape costing between $7 – $12….that is a significant investment in tools necessary to create such an extensive library….not to mention the man hours necessary.  

What comes to my mind when considering all of this…and yeah, I am just a lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….of which I am quite a good one….and it so happens that I have another talent….I am a pretty good philosopher….only cuz I just had good teachers….who taught me some great philosophies of life.

At the core of this philosophy of life is my belief that God gave every being on this Earth….I mean every one of us, dogs too!!!….for God gave each of us special talents….that if we continued to focus on developing those talents throughout our life’s path…there will come a day….sometimes early in one’s life….and sometimes later….but if you believe in yourself and your talents….then you will love what you do….not just be happy…but actually love what you do….and doors that you never dreamed of opening…. would just show up and be wide open….just inviting you to walk through those open doors of opportunity….just because you stayed true to developing and honing your God given talents. 

In summation, I will use Bone Daddy as my living example of this philosophy….who was significantly influenced by Pops (BD’s Dad) to be involved in sports….which he enjoyed from the day he picked up a bat and ball at age 4 in Midland, TX….that developed a love for sports which allowed him to continue  playing competitive sports until he was 46 years old….while opening a door to owning and operating a sports bar and restaurant for 18 years….that opened a door to satellite television….as another door opened to building an extensive sports, comedy, music, news and specials video library….which set the stage for the door to ImaSportsphile to open….for Bone Daddy stayed focused on his God given talents through his love of sports….and at age 63….became the 1st original Sportsphile. 

So, this simple Dog Philosophy is that everyone should spend time in identifying their special God given talents….which generally align with the things that they really enjoy doing….and then spend the rest of their life focusing on developing those talents….and if this is played out over one’s life path….God will open doors that could never have been imagined….but had the distinct ability to allow that person to become a master of their talent…..which could provide and accomplish any and all things in their life’s desire.  

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