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Diving – 1983 – Special – Highlights Of World Cannonball & World Belly Flop Championships

Cannonball, also referred to as a Bomb, is a diving style where the diver hugs their knees and attempts to enter the water with their body shaped as much like a sphere as possible…..with the goal being to create a large splash…..which is known in German as the Arschbombe….the cannonball has been turned into the competitive sport of “Splashdiving”…..whereas, a belly flop is a dive into water in which the front of the body strikes flat against another surface. 

As typical of Americans, they have taken the cannonball and belly flop into an entertainment competition known as the World Cannonball & Belly Flop Championships…..as seen in this video herewith…..where innovation and comedy have become a part of the process. 

NBC’s Mike Adamle is the host of this comedic championship as seen on their Sportsworld program in 1983….which is guaranteed to bring more than a few chuckles as each contestant adds their own touch to each dive during the competition….which makes it will worth the price of the ticket to watch.



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