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Excerpts Of 1978 NCAAM 1978 Texas Longhorns Coach Abe Lemons VS DePaul University Coach Ray Meyers


In this 1978 video excerpts of the NCAAM basketball game between the Texas Longhorns vs #1 DePaul University….was a clash between two legendary coaches….Abe Lemons of Texas….and Ray Meyers of DePaul.  Meyers team was ranked #1 in the nation at the time….partly due to the tremendous talent of Mark Aguire….a 2-time concensus collegiate All American and a future NBA All Star for the Dallas Mavericks and Detroit…winning two NBA championships with the Pistons. Lemons team would go on to a 26 – 5 season record…being ranked #17 in the country….and defeating Coach Jim Valvano’s NCSt Wolfpack team in the finals of the 1978 NIT Tournament.

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