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Figure Skating – 1961 To 1986 – ABC Wide World Of Sports – 25 Yrs Of Figure Skating With Jim McKay

Anytime a true Sportsphile gets to see any event that has broadcaster Jim McKay behind the mike…..they know that that video is well worth the price of admission…..and will take the time to watch it… is the case with this video seen herewith… the legendary “elegant and eloquent” Jim McKay takes us on a special 25 years of highlights in review of a sport that ABC’s Wide World of Sports helped to popularize…..figure skating… they always carried the top figure skating events….be it Olympics, world championships and exhibitions…..while they made heroes of skaters like Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano, Debi Thomas, Natalia Bestemainova + Andrei Bukin, Tai Babilonia + Randy Gardner, Jayne Torvil + Christopher Dean and so many more…..and we at ImaSportsphile are literally “tickled pink” to have so much of McKay’s work in our FIGURE SKATING section in our treasure chest of vintage memories…..and we have footage of each and every star mentioned here….and more!!!

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