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Figure Skating – 1980 – Elegance & Eloquence Of Jim McKay As He Recalls USA Figure Skaters In China

This video of ABC Wide World of Sports legendary sportscaster, Jim McKay, recapping the USA figure skaters exhibition tour in China provides ample evidence of what we call the “elegance and eloquence” of this wonderful sportscaster.  As McKay paints the canvas that covered Peggy Fleming, JoJo Starbuck, Rosalynn Sumners, Linda Fratianne et al trip to China in 1980 to perform exhibitions around the country….with highlights of Fleming figure skating portrayal of a Chinese music favorite A Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto to rave reviews by the people of China….but my favorite part of McKay’s commentary were the words he used when describing USA skater Linda Fratianne sharing a “candy sucker” with a little Chinese girl….for it is priceless…..and his words are precious. It is our opinion here at ImaSportsphile that by Jim McKay “covering the globe with the constant variety of sports” gave him such a depth of richness to his commentary on the sports that he covered…..and for this, we are forever grateful….as we consider Jim McKay to have been a Sportsphile long before we ever defined the word.

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