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Figure Skating – 1982 – Skate America – Womens Finals – FIN Kristina Wegelius – With Peggy Fleming

Kristiina Wegelius is a Finnish former competitive figure skater…..who won medals at Skate Canada International, Skate America and NHK Trophy….as well as four Finnish national titles. Wegelius placed 10th at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics…..and as high as 6th at the World Championships in 1981 and again in 1983…. as well as high as 4th at the European Championships in 1979, 1980…1981). She was coached by Carlo Fassi.  After retiring from competition, Wegelius performed with Disney on Ice and became a skating coach and choreographer.   

In this video herewith….FIN Kristina Wegelius is leading the women’s competition going into the long program…..as ABC Wide World of Sports hosts to the entire 1982 Skate America Competition….Jim McKay and Peggy Fleming are behind the mikes for this call.

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