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Figure Skating – 1986 – CBS Sports Special – A Journey Through Time – The Yr 1986 In Figure Skating

CBS Tim Ryan and Anne Butler co-host a special segment of CBS Sports Sunday called A Journey Through Time…..which provides the viewing public highlights and a re-hash of the year 1986 in figure skating…..which was for the most part dominated on the women’s part by USA Debi Thomas and DDR Katarina Witt…..while on the men’s part by USA Brian Boitano and CAN Brian Orser.   At different points in the process of figure skating in 1986 was what was known as The Battle of the Carmens….referring to Thomas vs Witt…..for the simple reason that they both skated to music from the opera Carmen……while in the men’s arena, it was The Battle of the Brians…..which obviously refers to the heated competition between Brian Orser vs Brian Boitano…..but any way you cut the pie…..these four pretty much dominated the figure skating scene in 1986.   

Oh, we couldn’t talk about 1986 without including something of World Ice Dancing Champions USSR Natalia Bestemianova + Andrei  Bukin…..as they were solidly situated at the top of the heap of figure skating ice dancing in 1986…..as CBS didn’t forget about them as seen in this video herewith.

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