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Figure Skating – 1986 – Highlights Of 1896 World Championships – Narrated By CBS John Tesh

The 1986 World Figure Skating Championships were held in Geneva, Switzerland from March 18 to 23. At the event, sanctioned by the International Skating Union, medals were awarded in men’s singles, ladies’ singles, pair skating, and ice dancing.

The ISU Representative was Josef Dědič from Czechoslovakia….and the ISU Technical Delegate was Elemér Terták of Hungary.  Soviet judge Natalia Danilenko was suspended for ignoring a new rule requiring mandatory deductions of 0.1 for falls….after she gave Alexandr Fadeev a score of 5.9 after he fell twice, instead of a maximum of 5.8. 

As seen in this video herewith…..where CBS John Tesh provides narration for video highlights of these 1986 World Figure Skating Championships….when the men’s title was won by USA Brian Boitano….followed by CAN Brian Orser and USSR Alexander Fadeev…..whereas the women’s title was won by USA Debi Thomas…..followed by DDR Katarina Witt and USA Tiffany Chin…..wherein the pairs championships were won by USSR Ekaterina Gordeeva + Sergei Grinkov…..who were followed by USSR Elena Valova + Oleg Vasilley and CAN Cynthia Coull + Mark Rowsom…..and last but not least, the ice dancing championships were won by USSR Natalia Bestemianova + Andrei Bukin…..who were followed by USSR Marina Klimova + Sergei Ponomarenko along with CAN Tracy Wilson + Robert McCall.  

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