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Figure Skating – 1986 – John Tesh Profiles The Life & Career Of CAN Brian Orser Prior To World Champ

After USA Scott Hamilton’s retirement in the 1984 – 1985 season….Brian Orser was seemingly poised to become the dominant champion…..however, he didn’t do very well at the World Championships…..placing 2nd to USSR Alexander Fadeev….who also had the triple axel in his repertoire. Orser resolved to begin including two axels, not just one, in his free skate….thus, in order to give himself an advantage over Fadeev…..as he finally won the Worlds in 1987.  At that competition he became the first skater at the World Championships to land two triple axels in the free skate and three in the same competition. 

In this 1986 profile of Orser’s career and interview with CBS John Tesh….our viewers get insight into the mind and psyche of Brian Orser….which is well worth the price of admission to see this video herewith.

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