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Figure Skating – 1986 – Women’s World Championship – WGER Claudia Leistner + USSR Kira Ivanova


This 1986 Women’s World Championship figure skating competition is brought by CBS Sports with hosts Tim Ryan and Scott Hamilton….but what’s most interesting about this video is that the voice of the narrator on the GDR Katarina Witt and USA Debi Thomas piece sounded like the elegant and eloquent voice of ABC’s legendary Jim McKay…..but on a CBS production!?! WOW!!…for Jim McKay had a way of “word merchanting” that was superior to even the best….kinda like Keith Jackson when describing college football….or Howard Cosell bringing a fight.  This excellent intro piece on Witt and Thomas has all the earmarks of Jim McKay. 

As to this video…this coverage of the women’s competition is down to the last six contestants…URS Kira Ivanova, GDR Katarina Witt, USA Debi Thomas, CAN Elizabeth Manley, WGER Claudia Leistner and USA Caryn Kadavee….and all six had the chance to win the gold medal…..it was that close.  This video showcases the finals performance of WGER Claudia Leistner and USSR Kira Ivanova…..which coupled with the comparison of lifestyles of Witt vs Thomas…..and that makes this video well worth the watch to all figure skating fans. 

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