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Figure Skating – 1986 – World Championship Mens Singles Medal Ceremony – USA Brian Boitano Gold

Being a Sportsphile….I have always enjoyed the medal / trophy ceremonies in sports….for any time we at ImaSportsphile hear The Star Spangle Banner being played….we simply stand and salute as these special moments pass by…..as a matter of fact, ImaSportsphile has a really wonderful Star Spangled Banner category in our library….with probably more videos of different performances of the anthem than any where else online….cuz there is no other place on this Earth that ImaSportsphile could have ever happened….NO PLACE BUT THE USA….which means we are extremely proud of that flag….with a long family history of serving that flag….and we are proud every time we hear it played….cuz we feel just like what USA Brian Boitano felt standing on top of that podium that night….I mean….can you imagine the feeling as our country’s anthem is being celebrated….breathtaking.

We are very passionate about sharing this incredible 2300 hrs. of vintage video…..a library that tells the story of the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomer Generation…..as the very core of human value is found within these videos….and having an ample supply of videos that celebrate the successes of the United States of America with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner….is simply “sweet music” to our ears. 

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