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Figure Skating – 1986 – World Ice Dance Championships – USSR Marina Klimova + Serei Ponomarenko

Sergei Ponomarenko is a Russian former competitive ice dancer who competed for the Soviet Union and the Unified team with his skating partner and wife Marina Klimova…..as this ice dance couple were the 1992 Albertvielle Winter Olympics champion….the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics silver medalist….the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics bronze medalist…..plus they were three-time World champion….and four-time European champion. 

The Soviet Union dominated ice dancing for nearly 40 years after Ludmira + Oleg Protopoppov dominated the top step of the medal platform at dang near every major event for years…..and Marina Klimova + Sergei Ponomarenko were a significant piece of that Russian domination….as they were more of the “classic / ballet ” style with emphasis on lines and positions….for they are absolutely beautiful dancing on the ice.

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